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Project Phoenix Emotional Intelligence Training 


Topics we'll cover:
Aurorasa Sima is an experienced Emotional Intelligence trainer and certified Marshall Goldsmith Executive Coach.

She specializes in the development of Enhanced Leadership skills, Mindfulness and improved levels of Life Satisfaction.

  • Claim back control over your mind and defeat your lizard brain✔
  • How to stop subconsciously sabotaging your efforts by reacting to the past and your fears ✔
  • Improve your relationships in business and in life✔
  • Effective tips to increase your emotional intelligence that you can implement right away✔



Train your brain for success!

You probably think you "got over" past negative events and that they do not limit your success today. 

Here's the thing: We don't just "get over" things. Every painful experience leaves a mark in our brain. 

But what if there was a way to remove those marks? Join me and let me tell you how it works!

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